DX Delivery Services


Dx Group PLC, a leading provider of delivery solutions throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland, has over 45 years of credible experience in the industry. Currently, Dx operates a vast fleet of over 900 modern vehicles and employs a workforce of 4,100 highly skilled professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.

However, Dx faced significant challenges due to a lack of uniformity in their printing device manufacturers and a lack of knowledge regarding which devices were in use or obsolete. This led to considerable resource wastage and missed opportunities for cost savings. With over 90 depots company-wide, the disjointed device management created widespread confusion and a concerning lack of cost control, which could have hindered their expansion and depot network development plans. Additionally, the absence of account management meant that internal resources were constantly diverted to resolve issues, impacting employee productivity. Implementing an account management system would not only optimise resource usage but also provide stability for day-to-day operations.

At A Glance


  • Multiple manufacturers, no uniformity
  • Not knowing what machines are in use
  • No cost control


  • Significantly reduced fleet size
  • No charge for the first 20 relocations
  • Regular account management


Zerographic’s solution involved the implementation of a highly streamlined fleet of standardised Xerox devices, strategically deployed to harmonise Dx’s offices and depots. This approach aimed to enhance organisational efficiency and resource management, providing Dx with the tools needed to sustain their growth journey through innovative Xerox technology.

Furthermore, as part of our solution, we assigned a dedicated account manager to Dx. This individual serves as their primary point of contact and will play a pivotal role in customising the solution to meet Dx’s evolving needs. Through ongoing analysis and regular reports, the account manager will work to optimise resource allocation and cost control, ensuring that Dx’s operations align seamlessly with their long-term goals.


Collaborating with Dx, we successfully redesigned their device fleet, condensing it from 280 units to 125. This not only met their cost reduction goals but also introduced much-needed consistency in their printing processes across various sites.

In this refined solution, Dx had the flexibility to return up to 10% of their devices within the first year if they were no longer needed, and the first 20 machine relocations incurred no additional charges. This afforded Dx the opportunity to fine-tune their device inventory to align with their evolving needs while simultaneously trimming their expenses.

Furthermore, Dx benefited from ongoing account management, which included continuous monitoring of their fleet data to ensure optimal utilisation of resourceful Xerox machines, ultimately delivering the highest level of service possible.

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