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Elevate Your Workplace Efficiency with Your Trusted Work Partner

Your Workplace Assistant serves as the key to digitalising and revolutionising documents, bridging system connections, simplifying operations, and automating workflows. It unlocks fresh opportunities for an enhanced and more productive work environment, enabling you to operate smarter, faster, and with heightened security.

Your Business Challenges

Navigating the demands of a constantly evolving workforce presents numerous hurdles, and ensuring printer and document security can often take a backseat.

With the advancement of printers and multifunction devices, integrating them seamlessly into your business systems while maintaining security becomes imperative. Streamlining this process without sacrificing user experience is essential.

Primary Challenges of Businesses


  • Effectively managing and monitoring user access to copy, print, and scan functions beyond your network poses a significant challenge.
  • Enhancing security measures without burdening users with cumbersome login procedures presents a dilemma.
  • Print Management and Cost Control​

  • Preventing sensitive documents from landing in the output tray of shared printers requires careful oversight.
  • Keeping printing costs in check necessitates generating comprehensive reports to pinpoint usage patterns and identify areas of high expenditure.
  • Implementing print rules to ensure adherence to printing guidelines becomes crucial once printing patterns are understood.
  • Mobility

  • Adapting to a mobile workforce means ensuring they can maintain productivity and print customer-facing materials regardless of their location.
  • Businesses require solutions that cater to both user and IT needs, allowing printing from any device on any network to any brand of printer.
  • How Zerographic Can Offer Solutions

    Our acclaimed cloud-based solution offers a streamlined approach for IT departments, simplifying setup and management processes.

    Addressing Security Challenges

  • Authentication methods, including card ID and mobile device authentication, regulate secure access to printers and networked systems.
  • Our simplified secure single sign-on (SSO) experience facilitates access to backend systems without cumbersome login steps.
  • Tackling Print Management and Cost Control

  • Our pull printing feature ensures jobs are printed only upon user authentication, supporting various printer models.
  • Seamless integration with ConnectKey® user screens allows for real-time job adjustments, reducing wasteful prints.
  • Resolving Mobility Challenges

  • Our award-winning mobile print solution enables users to connect to printers from any network and device, facilitating convenient printing.
  • For effortless setup, jobs can be submitted via email, catering to guest or temporary users’ needs.
  • Extending print management to home offices, our Home Worker Print Tracker centralizes tracking and analytics, enhancing visibility into business-related printing.
  • IT Advantage

  • Hosted in the cloud, our solution’s management of updates and patches relieves IT resources, allowing focus on core business functions.
  • Eliminating concerns regarding managing applications for specific mobile devices, our solution offers flexibility in printing choices.
  • With no requirement for unique drivers across different print devices, our solution reduces IT footprint, streamlining management processes.
  • Empower Your Team with a Robust Print Management Solution

    Our all-encompassing print management solution seamlessly integrates your team’s technology while furnishing the essential elements of security, access control, and usage monitoring that organisations require.

    No matter where your team is situated, they necessitate a user-friendly and efficient method to link up and access your company’s printers and services. Whether it involves scanning using an MFP app, or printing from an office-based desktop, laptop, Chromebook, or a mobile device on the go, Xerox® Workplace Solutions effortlessly connects them to your multifunction printers. Throughout, you maintain strict control over user access, complete with comprehensive insights into document utilisation and content management across your printer fleet.

    Xerox Workplace Solutions offers a choice between two hosting options. Xerox® Workplace Suite provides on-site server-based print management and mobile access to your printer fleet. It is a perfect fit for companies prioritising printer security, monitoring, and control, while preserving their data within their network. Workplace Suite offers adaptable licensing options, allowing you to select only the features your business requires and the capacity to scale them as your organisation expands.

    On the other hand, Xerox® Workplace Cloud, hosted within Microsoft Azure, offers the added advantage of a broader array of mobile workflows, simplifying the printing process from any device on any network. This is especially suited for hybrid work settings, delivering advanced reporting and user analytics for printing in-office, from home, or on the go.

    The cloud solution is particularly beneficial for organisations looking to reduce local network infrastructure or manage printers across multiple locations and networks. Its setup is straightforward and hassle-free, and since it is cloud-hosted, Xerox manages all updates and patches, alleviating the IT workload while upholding maximum-security standards.

    You have the flexibility to manage Xerox Workplace Solutions independently or opt for comprehensive management by Zerographic.

    Xerox Workplace Solutions provides two hosting options:

    On-Premises Server Solution (Xerox Workplace Suite):

    • Ideal for those requiring mobile device productivity and strict data control.
    • Offers on-site, server-based print management and mobile printer fleet access.
    • Ensures top-tier security, convenience, and valuable usage insights for increased productivity and cost savings.

    Cloud-Based Solution (Xerox Workplace Cloud):

    • A hassle-free, IT-friendly solution, eliminating security concerns.
    • Delivers convenience, usage insights, and dashboard-based printer fleet monitoring and control.
    • Suited for organisations with limited IT support, multiple networks, or a desire to reduce infrastructure.
    • You have the flexibility to manage Xerox Workplace Solutions independently or let us handle it, maintaining total control while you focus on your core business.

    Xerox Workflow Central

    Welcome to a new era of work where productivity knows no bounds. At Zerographic, we believe that work should not just be a task but an experience that empowers you to achieve more than ever before; automating workflows. It unlocks fresh opportunities for an enhanced and more productive work environment, enabling you to operate smarter, faster, and with heightened security.

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    Xerox ConnectKey

    Our printers do more than simply scan, fax and copy. With Xerox ConnectKey Technology, your multifunction printer becomes the centre of a complete productivity ecosystem right out of the box. ConnectKey Technology is a complete ecosystem that improves productivity by making every device an invaluable Workplace Assistant, encompassing connectivity, software, options and a range of solutions designed for today’s mobile and constantly connected workforce.

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    Xerox® DocuShare® is a content management portfolio designed to spark digital transformation at your organisation. Whether you have 10 employees or 100,000, it can help you start working better today as part of your digital transformation journey.

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