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At Zerographic we understand the unique challenges that educational institutions face when it comes to managing printing needs and document workflows. That’s why we’ve tailored our cutting-edge managed printing services and document management solutions to empower schools, colleges, and universities to excel in their educational mission while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Why Choose Us for Your Managed Printing Services?

Advanced Technology, Exceptional Quality

Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures that every document meets the highest standards of quality, clarity, and precision. From course materials to administrative paperwork, we ensure your printouts make a lasting impression.

Sustainable Printing Practices

We believe in preserving both education and the environment. Our eco-friendly printing options, such as double-sided printing and responsible paper usage, help educational institutions reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on quality.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Budget constraints are a reality in education. Our managed printing services are designed to optimise your printing resources, helping you cut down on unnecessary expenses and allocate funds where they matter most.

Streamlined Workflows

Say goodbye to document chaos. Our document management solutions enable seamless digital workflows, making it easy to organise, store, retrieve, and share documents securely, saving valuable time for educators and administrators.

Customised for Education

We know that every educational institution is unique. Our services are tailor-made to fit the specific needs of schools, colleges, and universities, ensuring that you receive a solution that aligns perfectly with your requirements.


Xerox® DocuShare® is a content management portfolio designed to spark digital transformation at your organisation. Whether you have 10 employees or 100,000, it can help you start working better today as part of your digital transformation journey.

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Xerox Workflow Central

Welcome to a new era of work where productivity knows no bounds. At Zerographic, we believe that work should not just be a task but an experience that empowers you to achieve more than ever before; automating workflows. It unlocks fresh opportunities for an enhanced and more productive work environment, enabling you to operate smarter, faster, and with heightened security.

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Xerox Workplace Solutions

Your Workplace Assistant serves as the key to digitalising and revolutionising documents, bridging system connections, simplifying operations, and automating workflows. It unlocks fresh opportunities for an enhanced and more productive work environment, enabling you to operate smarter, faster, and with heightened security.

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What Sets Our Document Management Services Apart?

Measurable Results​​

With our tracking and reporting tools, you’ll gain insights into your printing patterns, helping you make informed decisions for further cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Security and Compliance​

Safeguarding sensitive information is paramount. Our robust security measures, including user authentication and encryption, ensure that your documents remain confidential and compliant with industry regulations.

Mobile and Remote Printing

Keep up with the demands of modern education. Our solutions support mobile printing, allowing students, teachers, and administrators to print documents from their devices effortlessly.

Expert Support​

Your success is our priority. Our team of experts is here to provide proactive support, answer your questions, and help you make the most of our services.

Ready to Transform Your Printing and Document Management?

Join countless educational institutions that have partnered with Zerographic to elevate their printing experiences and document workflows. Discover how our managed printing services and document management solutions can drive efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings for your institution.

Contact us today for a personalised consultation or a free quote. Let's embark on a journey of enhanced education through smarter printing and document solutions.

Education Sector – What we can help you with:

Improving Managed Printing Services and Document Solutions

The educational sector requires a strategic approach that considers the unique needs and challenges of educational institutions. Here are several ways to enhance these services:

Conduct a thorough assessment of the printing and document-related needs of the educational institution. Understand the volume of printing, types of documents, and specific requirements of different departments.

Invest in modern printing technology that offers efficient and cost-effective solutions. This includes multifunction devices that can print, scan, and copy, as well as cloud-enabled printers for remote access and management.

Implement a centralised management system for all printers and document-related services. This can help streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure consistent service levels.

Establish print policies that encourage responsible printing behaviour. Implement user authentication systems like ID card or PIN codes to reduce unauthorised printing and minimise waste.

Integrate software that tracks printing costs and generates reports. This allows educational institutions to monitor printing expenses, allocate costs to specific departments, and identify areas for cost reduction.

Implement eco-friendly practices such as duplex (double-sided) printing, defaulting to black-and-white printing, and encouraging digital document sharing to reduce paper consumption and promote sustainability.

Provide training sessions for staff and students on efficient printing practices, proper usage of devices, and utilising document management software effectively.

Enable mobile printing solutions that allow users to print from their smartphones or tablets. This is particularly useful for students and staff who are often on the go.

Implement robust document management systems to digitise, organise, and store documents electronically. This enhances accessibility, reduces physical storage needs, and improves document retrieval.

Implement security measures to protect sensitive information. This includes secure printing options, user authentication, encryption, and regular security audits.

Use remote monitoring tools to track printer performance, detect issues, and perform maintenance tasks. This can help prevent downtime and ensure optimal performance.

Collaborate closely with managed print service providers to tailor solutions to the institution’s needs. A strong partnership can lead to ongoing improvements and better support.

Create channels for users to provide feedback on the printing and document solutions. Regularly gather input to identify pain points and opportunities for enhancement.

Periodically assess the effectiveness of the managed printing services and document solutions. Identify areas that need improvement and adjust strategies accordingly.

Design solutions that can accommodate growth in the institution’s printing and document needs. Scalability is important to ensure the solutions remain effective as the institution evolves.

Case Studies

Embark on a journey of real-world success stories with our case studies. Explore how businesses like yours have overcome challenges, embraced innovation, and achieved remarkable results through our tailored solutions. Discover the transformative impact of our services through firsthand accounts that showcase the power of strategic collaboration and cutting-edge technology.


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