Workflow Central​

Unstoppable Productivity Wherever Work Happens

Welcome to a new era of work where productivity knows no bounds. At Zerographic, we believe that work should not just be a task but an experience that empowers you to achieve more than ever before; automating workflows. It unlocks fresh opportunities for an enhanced and more productive work environment, enabling you to operate smarter, faster, and with heightened security.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Productivity

In the modern workplace, it’s not uncommon to face everyday document challenges that can grind your workflow to a halt. Let’s take a moment to recognise these hurdles:

  • Lengthy Reports: Those important reports that seem to stretch longer than your lunch hour.
  • Handwritten Notes: Illegible scribbles that hinder effective communication.
  • Unusable Formats: Files that might as well be written in a foreign language.
  • Privacy Concerns: Sensitive information that you dare not share unintentionally.

These day-to-day challenges eat away at your precious time and divert your attention from what truly matters.

Turning Documents into Allies, Not Obstacles

That’s where the Xerox® Workflow Central Platform comes into play. It’s the game-changer that brings the power to overcome these everyday challenges right to your fingertips, no matter where you are. Whether you’re working from your PC, a mobile device, or a Xerox® Multifunction Printer (MFP), we’ve got you covered.

Remote and flexible work models demand the one-platform convenience and seamless productivity provided by the Xerox® Workflow Central platform.

Workflows that Work Wonders

We understand that location, language barriers, tight schedules, file types, and devices should never stand in the way of your job. With Xerox Workflow Central, we provide the perfect arsenal to keep your work moving smoothly and efficiently. Who can afford downtime in today’s fast-paced world?


Convert to Audio

Never fall behind again. Transform your documents into audio files, enabling you to listen and learn on the go. Whether you’re a multitasker or simply prefer absorbing information through your ears, it’s as easy as pressing play.

File type issues slowing you down? Convert PDFs, hard copies, or images into editable Microsoft Office formats. No more recreating or retyping – just get on with your day with editable MS formats at your disposal.

Sick of deciphering handwritten notes? Turn them into clear, editable, and shareable digital files. Your coworkers will thank you for the clarity and efficiency.

Information overload? Get the essence of lengthy documents with concise summaries. Spend less time digesting content and more time acting with powerful insights at your fingertips.

Confidentiality matters. Effortlessly hide sensitive information using advanced AI that identifies and redacts specific words or phrases. No more manual, error-prone processes.

Break language barriers instantly. Translate your documents into over 40 languages while retaining the original layout. It’s the faster, easier way to communicate globally.

More files, less hassle. Combine up to five documents into one, regardless of their format. Say goodbye to format compatibility issues.

Putting Productivity into Overdrive

Experience the ultimate automation with our pre-set combination workflows. Eliminate unnecessary steps and seamlessly connect workflows to match the pace of your work, which is always “now, not later.” For example:

  • Merge + Audio: Consume critical content like reports or proposals as easily as tuning into a podcast.
  • Translate + Summarise: Get the core message in the language of your choice.
  • Interim Files: Keep each processed file when using combination workflows.
  • Store Your Preferences: Achieve one-click workflow efficiency and share your preferences with your team for simplicity and consistency.

At Zerographic we’re dedicated to turning obstacles into opportunities. With the Xerox® Workflow Central Platform, work happens anywhere, anytime, and at the speed of now. Welcome to the future of productivity.