Zerographic Official Partners​

Zerographic proudly announces strategic partnerships with industry leaders, united in delivering unparalleled value to our customers. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the careful selection of partners who share our dedication to innovation and client satisfaction. Recognising the unique needs of diverse industries, our collaborations focus on customising equipment, solutions, and services to perfectly align with our clients’ specific requirements.

Xerox Platinum Partner

The benchmark for gauging the success of a Xerox Concessionaire hinges on the strength of their partnership with the organisation. This partnership ranking is meticulously evaluated, taking into account a wide spectrum of factors that encompass not only the digital realm but also the financial landscape. The metrics used for this evaluation span from their commanding online presence to the impressive year-on-year revenue growth they achieve.

Over a decade ago, Zerographic achieved a remarkable milestone by attaining the highest level of partnership with Xerox: Platinum status. This accomplishment stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in every facet of our operations. We have consistently demonstrated our prowess in fostering a productive and symbiotic relationship with Xerox, one that goes beyond business transactions to encompass a deep and strategic alignment.

In 2022, Zerographic received two prestigious awards that underscore our relentless dedication to providing exceptional support to our valued customers. These accolades reflect the culmination of our tireless efforts to serve as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of business solutions.

The first award, “CCSS Partner of the Year,” acknowledges our commitment to Customer Care and Support Services, a testament to our unrivalled dedication to customer satisfaction. The second award, “Digital Services Partner of the Year,” recognises our innovative approach to digital services, illustrating our ability to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

RISO Gold Partner

Becoming a RISO Gold Partner is a testament to the unwavering dedication and excellence that Zerographic consistently upholds in the realm of printing and document solutions. The distinction of a RISO Gold Partner is not easily achieved; it’s a recognition that encapsulates the highest standards of innovation, service, and commitment to our clientele.

Our journey to attaining the esteemed status of a RISO Gold Partner has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. We have demonstrated exceptional prowess in delivering top-tier printing solutions that cater to a myriad of industry needs. This recognition is a result of our consistent commitment to aligning our services with the unique requirements of our clients, ensuring that we provide them with the most advanced and efficient printing technologies available.

In our ongoing partnership with RISO, we have not only met their rigorous criteria but have exceeded expectations. This accolade stands as a symbol of our alignment with RISO’s core values, as well as our mission to continually innovate and provide our clients with the most cutting-edge printing solutions available.

As we embrace the status of a RISO Gold Partner, we also look to the future. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and we pledge to continue delivering top-notch printing and document solutions that empower our clients to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape. This distinction serves as a source of inspiration to us, a reminder of our past successes, and a testament to the promising future that awaits as we continue to set the gold standard in the industry.

MDS Group Ltd

The collaboration between Zerographic and MDS represents a strategic partnership founded on the shared commitment to elevating organisational efficiency through technology. MDS, as specialists in key technologies, focuses on enhancing security, service, and sustainability across a broad spectrum of solutions. These offerings seamlessly complement Zerographic’s portfolio, creating a comprehensive suite of services that collectively optimise resource utilisation and workforce potential. By integrating MDS’s expertise with Zerographic’s cutting-edge solutions, our joint approach aims to provide businesses with a unified and holistic technological foundation. Together, we are positioned to empower organisations to achieve their goals by harnessing the synergy between innovative technologies and unparalleled service offerings.


MuroDigital, the UK’s largest independent supplier of office presentation equipment, has been a pioneer in providing comprehensive document print and presentation solutions. In 2010, MuroDigital became part of the Zerographic organisation, marking a significant milestone in our journey. This integration has been instrumental in fuelling our continuous investment in expanding our product portfolio. Under the Zerographic umbrella, we have gained the resources and support to offer our customers preferential pricing across the complete range of items, ensuring unparalleled value and service. This strategic alignment reinforces MuroDigital’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, positioning us as a leader in delivering top-notch office presentation solutions.