Briggs Equipment UK Ltd


Briggs Equipment, the exclusive national distributor in the UK for Hyster and Yale ranges of forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment, recognised the need for a comprehensive re-evaluation of their multifunctional device fleet.

Widespread wastage issues had surfaced across the company, exacerbated by the presence of diverse device brands at various locations. As one of the leading equipment providers in the UK market, Briggs was committed to minimising waste and reducing costs, with a strong aspiration to transform into a more sustainable and resourceful business. Simultaneously, they aimed to standardise operations across all their UK facilities.


To align with Briggs’ specific requirements, Zerographic presented a tailored solution designed to harmonise with their core values of innovation, development, and continuous improvement. Our proposal centred around implementing a unified solution featuring the Xerox C8000 series, perfectly suited to Briggs’ needs.

We equipped all 43 devices with the PaperCut Follow Me solution, facilitating enhanced resource management and facilitating Briggs’ transition from physical hard copies to digitally stored data, in line with their digital transformation objectives.

At A Glance


  • Reducing waste caused by excessive printing.
  • Overabundance of devices necessitating consolidation.
  • Lack of uniformity among different branded devices


  • Streamlined fleet management.
  • Office space savings through digital transformation.
  • Enhanced productivity and resource optimisation.


With Zerographic’s assistance, Briggs successfully streamlined and consolidated their device fleet, all while leveraging the PaperCut Follow Me solution across their new fleet.

This strategic move resulted in Briggs totally transforming their print process as PaperCut Follow Me solution is a roaming print service that allows print jobs to follow users based on their physical location.

Moreover, the implementation of the PaperCut Follow Me solution has introduced a ‘virtual job queue’ for Briggs. This innovative feature alleviates the challenge of locating the nearest printer by allowing jobs to be securely held in a virtual space and subsequently released at any designated printer. This strategic enhancement addresses Briggs’ specific need to streamline the printing process from a comprehensive list of available printers.

As a result, the adoption of this solution proved to be an optimal resolution for Briggs, effectively mitigating the issue of printer location. Additionally, the incorporation of an ID Card-based release feature led to a substantial reduction in overall print volume. This not only minimised unnecessary wastage but also yielded considerable cost savings for the company, demonstrating how Briggs made a financial move while simultaneously enhancing operational efficiency.

Moreover, the PaperCut Follow Me solution also improved their internal security and the risk surrounding print confidentiality. Prints could only be released with user authentication which meant full confidentiality when printing personal and sensitive information.

Overall, the results of these initiatives yielded a more streamlined fleet of devices operating on a unified platform, incorporating secure PaperCut Follow Me solution. This led to a reduction in print volumes and a significant decrease in wastage, resulting in cost savings for the customer.

“Local account management was key to decision, trust also played a big part. This journey together was a strategy that has worked successfully, and with this in mind Zerographic along with Xerox technology and solutions will continue to play a big part to futures.”Briggs Equipment Limited

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