Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Xerox Come Highly Recommended...

The Challenge

  • Eliminate inefficiencies in paper-based patient record system of more than one million files.
  • Avoid complaints and cancelled appointments due to unavailable files.
  • Improve unsafe working conditions for records management staff.
  • Cut record management costs to maximise tight operational budget.
  • Improve security and control of patient records.

The Solution

  • Ten-year records management outsourcing partnership.
  • Breakdown of the project into phases that deliver value at every stage.
  • Transformation of existing business processes before introducing technology.
  • Full involvement of medical and union stakeholders throughout.
  • Continually improving service aimed at electronic records rollout.

7,500 Missing patient records found

“Our CEO and I used to receive complaints from medical staff about the records situation every single week. We've not had a single complaint since Xerox took over…”

Chief Information Officer
Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

The Results

  • 7,500 missing records found, leading to improved patient safety.
  • Complaints eliminated as files available at point of need.
  • Records staff transferred to Xerox, equipped with new skills and now working in safe environment.
  • Expected savings of £2 million over ten years.
  • Secure information governance and auditing standards implemented.

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