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The Background

In Japan, Kosei Pharmaceuticals has built a reputation for being the pharmaceutical wholesaler of choice, supplying thousands of pharmacies, doctors,
dentists and hospitals across the country.

Its UK arm was launched in 2010 in Slough and, since opening, it has recorded impressive growth figures that show no sign of abating.

In fact, it has expanded its premises, now employs around 170 people and is well on its way of achieving its aim of being the market leader in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The Situation

Kosei offers an extensive range of parallel imports, generics, contract labelling and additional products.

Much of what it imports has to have new, English language labels put on to the boxes. Similarly, information leaflets that are folded up into the boxes need to be translated, printed, and folded to be inserted into the packaging.

In busy but well-organised offices, the team of staff, with their lab coats on, work hard to get the medicines ready to dispatch. It has to be right; there is little room for error when it comes to products that help people who are poorly.

So, with thousands of products being sorted every day, just how does Kosei manage to print the right documentation quickly and efficiently?

“Our business needs the printer to be quick and reliable and the RISO is both of these things.”

Wardhaman Banawane
Production Manager

“Our staff like using the RISOs as the machines are very easy to use.”

Wardhaman Banawane
Production Manager

The Benefits

Production manager Wardhaman Banawane said: “The RISOs are reliable and work hard and we have received excellent service from the RISO team when we have needed it.

“Our business needs the printer to be quick and reliable and the RISO is both of these things.”

“Our staff like using the RISOs as the machines are very easy to use.”

The benefits of using the RISO solutions are many. The Kosei team are able to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. The machines are perfect for the tasks at hand.

For Kosei, it’s not about glossy materials, or flashy posters. It’s about utilising the right machines for the task. It’s about a key business in the pharmaceutical supply chain being able to rely on speed and efficiency because that’s what their business demands.

Reliable, efficient, and compact RISO devices are ideal for the task that Kosei need them to do, day in, day out. Maybe it’s time you prescribed RISO so that your company can become as efficient as Kosei.

The Solution

Kosei utilises the power of RISO digital inkjet solutions. In their offices are two RISO ComColors. Both are capable of printing hundreds of documents, at record-breaking speeds.

In fact, with the two machines working in tandem, they are often used to print out between 10,000 and 20,000 documents a day – each.

From 8.30am to 10.30pm, printing goes on throughout the working day.

The RISOs are real workhorses and it’s clear that the RISOs are valued and trusted members of the team. Kosei also has a RISO duplicator too, which can be called into action if needed.

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