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The Background

The Printing Services Department at Queen Elizabeth Hospital is located in a separate building to the main hospital building but handles print requirements from around the site. From leaflets to posters and forms, the print team gets thousands of requests each day from departments that each have their own budget. The majority of print request have been for forms that are used to note the patient details for use by the medical teams. Quite literally, thousands of documents have been printed on a daily basis.

The Profile

And he adds: “At 120ppm, the speed of the ComColor is amazing. Some days, depending on the demands, the duplicators churn out around 30,000 prints, and the ComColor has been printing around 10,000 a day. For people who need printers to be fast, reliable and cost-effective, RISO is a good choice.”

“I’d definitely recommend RISO. It’s a superb piece of kit for people who need high-volume printing.”

Steve Sidey
The Printing Services Manager

“We saw that efficiency, work stream improvements, reliability and cost savings were all the benefits of using RISO.”

Steve Sidey
The Printing Services Manager

The Story

The print team has also seen a rise in the demand for colour printing. When they were having problems with doctors and nurses not filling in forms they found that documents in colour were more likely to be filled in, and filled in correctly.

Also, as there are a number of overseas workers coming into the hospital where English is not a first language, there is an increased demand for colour resources to aid communication.

Equipment purchases are made by the Procurement Department and are guided by Steve Sidey, the Printing Services Manager, and what his specific requirements are.

With a need for high-volume printing, on suitable paper, a RISO ComColor and digital duplicators from CAMRI, their local experienced RISO dealer, were chosen.

Steve says: “Duplicators are incredible. They are very reliable machines so we moved away from the litho printers that we had been using.”

Comment from Riso

There are few sectors where getting communications right at a cost effective price is as important as it is in the health environment, particularly a busy hospital. That’s why RISO is the right solution for the medical sector. This case shows just why the right printer is the right medicine for organisations such as hospitals and healthcare facilities that need high-volume printing.

Before ComColor

The Print Department at the hospital had been using an array of different printers, including litho. The demands on the team were getting so that the devices needed to change. There was also a requirement for colour too.

After ComColor

Steve has seen the benefit of the RISO speed, and the ability of the duplicators and the ComColors to get through the high volumes with little fuss.Steve had also noted the real benefit of being able to provide a service whereby a request could be made for print materials, and they would be ready for when by the time a member of staff had walked the 200 metres between buildings.As the move towards more colour became a necessity, the RISO helped because it would have proved too costly to continue with the old printers.

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