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At Zerographic we understand Frasers Group’s commitment to security is paramount as you manage your extensive network of thousands of retail operations. Partnering with Zerographic ensures that your day-to-day office operations of managed printing services are meticulously safeguarded, providing the peace of mind necessary to focus on delivering exceptional retail experiences.

Changes In The Workforce

Are Impacting Your Customers' Business


Security and Data Protection

Cybercrime activity affecting businesses has increased +600% (1)


Work Style Shifts

+50% of employees want companies to implement more flexible work models (2)


Digital Transformation

2/3 of companies are stepping up investment in automation and AI (3)


Business Resilience

Over a decade, companies can expect losses of 42% of a year’s profits from disruptions (4)


Climate Change

Climate change and extreme weather have a direct impact on 70% of all economic sectors worldwide (5)

Sources: (1)2021 Cyber Security Statistics; (2)&(4) McKinsey 1/4/2021 Business Trends; (3)McKinsey 9/23/2020; (5)Deloitte 2021 Climate Check Report

What can we do for you?

What gets you whistling on the way to work? Bet it’s not filling out forms.

Challenge: Whether you’re in the office, at an offsite meeting, or working from home, you need the right tools to avoid repetitive mundane tasks – to help you stay connected and productive.

How we solve it: By making it easier for people to do great work wherever they happen to be working. From the information you need at home to the equipment and cloud-based services you use in the office, and everything in between.

Xerox Seamless Productivity

Productivity Anywhere Anytime

Productive Device Technology

ConnectKey devices

ConnectKey Apps

Productive Fleet Management

Device Management

Data Analytics

Productive User Output

Xerox Workplace Solution

Xerox Mobile Worker

Productive Document Workflow

Xerox Workflow Central

Other Digital Offering

Xerox a Leader - Quocirca Cloud Print Services Landscape, 2023

“Xerox has architected its solutions to be multi-tenant, cloud-native applications that have low to no footprint (no

servers required), can be sold in a true SaaS commercial model, are scalable to enable organisations to grow and

expand, are highly automated.”

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Explore a compelling case study that demonstrates our role in enhancing productivity, efficiency, and sustainability for other organisations. Case Study – Briggs downloadable pdf.

Security for people who don’t want to lose sleep over security.

Challenge: Your people aren’t wired for 24/7 data security. They just want to get on with their day. Security processes that get in the way often get overlooked or even simply ignored.

How we solve it:  By preventing, detecting, and protecting against threats to your sensitive documents, devices and data. From safeguarding your files to securing your print infrastructure, together with Xerox, we make it easy for your people to stay secure, so they hardly need to think about it.

Xerox Approach to Zero Trust Security

Assume everything is at risk and create a print infrastructure that can manage possible threats

Security On the Device

Embedded Technology

Security Of the Fleet


Printer Security Audit Service advances

Security For the User

Workplace Solution

Security For the Document

Document Security

DocuShare Go

Xerox a Leader - Quocirca Managed Print Services Market Landscape, 2021

“Xerox excels in its broad and comprehensive service portfolio which is supported by a mature global service delivery platform.”

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Digitize your workplace, and it’s not just trees you’ll save.

Challenge: We’re all keen to go green. But in the workplace, that can be easier said than done with balancing sustainability goals with realities of business, cost controls, and performance targets.

How we solve it: By digitizing your workflows to cut down on paper usage while making things simpler and more efficient. Recommending the right fit of technology so you can leverage a smaller number of higher-quality, energy efficient devices.

And going further, you can return used toner cartridges with the Xerox Green World Alliance® program, cutting waste – powering a circular economy.

Helping you to meet your key sustainability goals

Identify EVERY related impact and implement a strategy designed to help achieve sustainability targets

Utilise a Device Sustainably

Xerox ConnectKey Devices

Xerox ConnectKey Apps

Maintaining your Fleet Sustainably

Data, Statistics, & Live Monitoring

Energy-Efficient Service Delivery

Facilitate a Sustainable User

Xerox Workplace Solution

Xerox Digital Offerings

Optimise your Sustainable Documents

Xerox Digital Offerings

Digital Transformations

Quocirca - Xerox has been a proud champion of sustainability for more than 100 years

Behaving responsibly as a corporate citizen has been and remains a core pillar of Xerox’s corporate values”

By harnessing these innovative tools and platforms, businesses can transcend traditional barriers, foster a culture of teamwork, ensure version accuracy, and automate workflows, thereby revolutionising the way work is accomplished.

This comprehensive suite of solutions not only optimises productivity but also empowers organisations to adapt, evolve, and thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive environment.

That’s where we come in. Together with Xerox, we can help with award-winning technology and innovations designed to make work better, simpler, less stressful, and more productive for all.

Xerox solutions stand as a beacon of comprehensive support for businesses seeking personalised, streamlined, and efficient workflows.

Through personalised requests, Xerox’s innovative solutions are crafted to fit the specific demands of each business, ensuring seamless integration, heightened productivity, and optimised efficiency. The versatility of Xerox solutions not only simplifies daily operations but also empowers businesses to embrace a new era of work where flexibility, precision, and productivity are seamlessly woven into everyday operations.

Case Study

Explore a compelling case study that demonstrates our role in enhancing productivity, efficiency, and sustainability for other organisations.

Briggs Equipment UK Ltd

Briggs Equipment, the exclusive national distributor in the UK for Hyster and Yale ranges of forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment, recognised the need for a comprehensive re-evaluation of their multifunctional device fleet.

Widespread wastage issues had surfaced across the company, exacerbated by the presence of diverse device brands at various locations. As one of the leading equipment providers in the UK market, Briggs was committed to minimising waste and reducing costs, with a strong aspiration to transform into a more sustainable and resourceful business. Simultaneously, they aimed to standardise operations across all their UK facilities.

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