Quocirca’s Annual Report 2023

Xerox, a Sustainability Leader, Recognised in Quocirca’s Annual Report 2023

NOV 29, 2023 – Xerox, a global leader in document technology, has secured its position as a Leader in Quocirca’s esteemed Sustainability Leaders Report 2023, affirming its commitment to environmental responsibility and client enablement. This recognition underscores Xerox’s dedication to sustainability-led managed print services, a comprehensive portfolio of hardware-efficient devices, and innovative solutions that minimise environmental impact.

Quocirca’s assessment highlights Xerox’s leadership in sustainability, acknowledging the company’s expansive portfolio of hardware-efficient devices with an increasing use of recycled materials. Xerox’s commitment extends to its managed print services, where it has earned accolades for its broad capabilities in sustainability.

Key Highlights from Quocirca’s Statement:

  1. Holistic Sustainability Portfolio: Xerox’s comprehensive sustainable technology portfolio includes hardware-efficient devices with an increasing use of recycled materials.
  2. Leading Managed Print Services: Quocirca recognises Xerox’s prominence in sustainability-led managed print services, showcasing the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility throughout its print infrastructure solutions.
  3. Strategic Partnership with PrintReleaf: Xerox’s collaboration with PrintReleaf, as part of its broader sustainability initiatives, is instrumental in offering a carbon offset program. This partnership aligns with Xerox’s commitment to sustainability and its active role in reducing environmental impact.
  4. Environmental Assessments and Advanced Analytics: Xerox goes beyond standard offerings by providing clients with in-depth environmental assessments and advanced analytics, empowering them to make informed decisions that significantly reduce the environmental footprint of their print infrastructure.

Xerox is honoured to be recognised as a Leader in Quocirca’s Sustainability Leaders Report 2023. This acknowledgment reinforces the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of clients and contribute to a more sustainable future. Xerox remains committed to driving positive change in the print industry through innovation, responsibility, and client-centric solutions.

Zerographic, a proud Xerox Platinum partner, celebrates this recognition alongside Xerox. As a Platinum partner, Zerographic aligns with Xerox’s commitment to excellence and sustainability initiatives. Additionally, both Xerox and Zerographic are proud participants in the PrintReleaf program, further demonstrating their joint dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

“Zerographic is proud to be associated with Xerox, a company committed to leading the way in sustainability and innovation,” said Kevin Corbett, CEO at Zerographic. “As a Platinum partner, we share Xerox’s vision for a greener, more sustainable future. Our active participation in the PrintReleaf initiatives underscores our joint commitment to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the print industry.”

For more information about PrintReleaf sustainability initiatives and innovative solutions, please visit click here.

About Zerographic

Zerographic is a proud Xerox Platinum partner, dedicated to providing cutting-edge document technology solutions and services. As a Platinum partner, Zerographic aligns with Xerox’s commitment to excellence and sustainability initiatives. For more information, visit www.zerographic.com.

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