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The Background

Print plays a major role in how schools communicate with people and also in the actual day-to-day education of pupils.

From letters home to parents and guardians, to exam papers and learning resources, printing is key to the smooth operation of a modern school.

At the heart of many learning environments is a trusted RISO printing solution; quietly, efficiently and cost- effectively working away amid the often frenetic school day.

Cecil Jones Academy in Southend has around 1,100 pupils and is a specialist business and enterprise academy.

Pupils are educated across two sites, and they are positively encouraged to aim high in their learning and commitment to achieving success.

We equipped all 43 devices with the PaperCut Follow Me solution, facilitating enhanced resource management and facilitating Briggs’ transition from physical hard copies to digitally stored data, in line with their digital transformation objectives.

“The RISOs have saved us money. I have been able to reduce toner costs by about £10,000 a year.”

Phil Maddocks Academy Systems Manager

“The reliability is outstanding, and if we need RISO support we get it very quickly. I would recommend RISO to other people.”

Phil Maddocks Academy Systems Manager

The Challenge

With two sites, and almost 200 staff, the printing had to be co-ordinated and budgets adhered to.The academy needed print solutions that could be reliably used to ensure staff could maintain excellent levels of effective communication and day-to-day teaching.And, of course, all within tight budgets.The RISO Print Management Solution combines the power of PaperCut print management system with the productivity and low costs of the ComColor as well as being compatible with many other devices.“We have removed the vast majority of colour laser printers, which were expensive to refill. The RISO solution has saved us money. I have been able to reduce separate toner costs by about £10,000 a year.”And Phil added: “The reliability is outstanding, and if we need RISO support we get it very quickly. I would recommend RISO to other people; in fact, I have done.”Adrian Heafield, Director of Learning, is one staff member at the school who has access to printing using a RISO.He says that previously, he just used photocopiers to print items such as displays, materials for parents, exam sheets and worksheets.But the installation of the RISO machines means that he now has a reliable, robust printerHe said: “The RISOs are ideal, easy to use and just perfect for what we need.”Adrian added: “They definitely seems to have saved a lot of money across the school. I would definitely recommend RISO.”

The Solution

The school now has a fleet of six RISO machines. Two are in one site, and four in the other.

The installation has proved to be a real success, for teachers, staff and, ultimately, pupils.

Cecil Jones Academy Systems Manager Phil Maddocks says that while a good deal of external communication is done by text message and email, print is still important and, indeed, critical for lessons. It is used alongside textbooks, for handouts, exam papers and worksheets.

Phil said: “We use the RISOs with swipe cards, the same ones that operate the door entry system, and we use the PaperCut print management software. It means you can make people stick to budgets and you can keep a cap on what is spent.”

Using the software, Phil can see that since the installation of the RISO solution two-and-a-half years ago, more than 7.3 million items have been printed.

The full installation of the PaperCut software enables a user to monitor, control and, if required, set user volume limitations.

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