Document Management Solutions

Provide customers with practical, sustainable printing solutions to streamline and secure document processes, solve unique workflow requirements, and innovate with new capabilities. Our commitment to environmentally friendly practices ensures that your document management not only meets your operational needs but also aligns with responsible and sustainable printing methods, contributing to a greener future.

Digital Hub and Cloud-Based Services

As digital transformation accelerates, traditional document repositories with static documents and revisions numbers indicated in file names are no longer enough. Xerox® Content Hub is a secure, cloud-based, centralised digital hub that makes it easy for your customers to access, update, and personalise the latest on-brand and on-point content whenever they need it — while reducing costs

You add value to the cloud-based repository service by managing the documents and creating content.

Keep your content relevant, adaptable, and accessible from anywhere.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, documents continually evolve, from minor updates to essential changes. Reliable, up-to-date content is crucial for efficient operations, especially with remote work trends causing document creation and organisation to become fragmented. It’s increasingly challenging for employees to stay updated and maintain consistent branding across all documents.

Embrace digital transformation for a distributed workforce.

As digital transformation gains momentum, traditional document repositories fall short. It’s time to upgrade to Xerox® Content Hub, a secure, cloud-based, centralised digital platform. It empowers teams to access, personalise, and utilise on-brand content seamlessly, reducing costs.

Xerox Content Hub: Empowering Dynamic Document Creation

Xerox Content Hub is more than a static repository; it’s a secure, dynamic creative platform. It grants employees 24/7 access to professionally designed document templates, enabling them to make necessary changes, whether for local printing or digital use.

Professionally Designed and Customisable Templates

Each company portal features a “starter set” of document templates, demonstrating best practices and advanced possibilities of professionally designed, adaptable templates. With Content Hub, end-users can personalise templates to meet their immediate needs.

Create templates for documents, ensuring swift updates whenever necessary. This way, any legal text or other modifications can be made centrally, ensuring all documents consistently use the latest, approved version of document elements.

Empower employees to customise branded collateral, reduce costs, increase engagement, and eliminate the need for graphic designers or external agencies. Transform your document management, cut costs, and keep evergreen assets in one centralised location – Xerox Content Hub.


Xerox® DocuShare® is a content management portfolio designed to spark digital transformation at your organisation. Whether you have 10 employees or 100,000, it can help you start working better today as part of your digital transformation journey.

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Xerox Workflow Central

Welcome to a new era of work where productivity knows no bounds. At Zerographic, we believe that work should not just be a task but an experience that empowers you to achieve more than ever before; automating workflows. It unlocks fresh opportunities for an enhanced and more productive work environment, enabling you to operate smarter, faster, and with heightened security.

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Xerox Workplace Solutions

Your Workplace Assistant serves as the key to digitalising and revolutionising documents, bridging system connections, simplifying operations, and automating workflows. It unlocks fresh opportunities for an enhanced and more productive work environment, enabling you to operate smarter, faster, and with heightened security.

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Xerox ConnectKey

Our printers do more than simply scan, fax and copy. With Xerox ConnectKey Technology, your multifunction printer becomes the centre of a complete productivity ecosystem right out of the box. ConnectKey Technology is a complete ecosystem that improves productivity by making every device an invaluable Workplace Assistant, encompassing connectivity, software, options and a range of solutions designed for today’s mobile and constantly connected workforce.

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Xerox App Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of evolving business needs, flexibility is paramount. Introducing ConnectKey, the industry’s pinnacle of adaptability, boasting a versatile array of productivity functions and apps. Providing you the freedom to effortlessly add, delete, or swap tools within your own custom app gallery. Embrace the power of customisation and stay agile in an ever-changing market.

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