The complete software platform for authentication, security, cost control and mobility.

Xerox Workplace Suite is a complete print management and mobility platform that installs on your server for a private, secure, on-site deployment. This solution can be offered as either Xerox Workplace Suite (the on-premises server version) or Xerox Workplace Cloud (low infrastructure / serverless).

xerox workspace


  • Flexible authentication methods including industry-leading cardless unlock of Xerox AltaLink and VersaLink Workplace Assistants using Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile devices which eliminates the need for costly card readers, enabling more competitive pricing.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capability to any SSO-enabled app on your printer. Conveniently authenticate at the printer once with your card badge or mobile device and then securely access all your MFP SSO-enabled apps without having to perform any additional, time-consuming log-in steps. To ensure peace of mind, all credentials are kept safe.
  • Content Security workflows that monitor and analyse information in documents during copying, printing, and scanning activities for specified keywords. You can help customers enhance their security procedures by ensuring their intellectual property is protected and retaining an audit trail of jobs that include identified keywords (Xerox Workplace Suite only).
  • The ability to print to any device from any mobile device or any desktop application.
  • Pull printing: Submit your jobs to our secure, single queue from any PC, Mac or mobile device. Once you have authenticated at a network printer of your choice, you can then view, select job settings, print or delete them as you need. Release your jobs from the embedded MFP release app.
  • Initiate direct MFP scanning from your mobile device using the Xerox Workplace Mobile App for a personalized touch.
  • Fleet reporting and accounting to help your customers monitor printing and costs across their organisation (Xerox Workplace Cloud).
  • Essential print rules to help control your customers’ print environment and costs.