Financing of equipment


Zerographic can create meaningful change in your business by partnering you with the right financial proposition when purchasing your solutions.

Your business is one in a million. So we’ll tailor the right products and leases around your actual operational needs. We do this to give you security today, tomorrow and happily thereafter.

Six financing facts

Knowledge is power - it informs business decisions. Fuel yours with these handy financing facts:

1. Zero capital outlay

What are the costs, you ask. Zero capital outlay or deposit is required. Simply pay the rentals in advance.Then we’ll spread the cost of the equipment over the contract in a manner which suits you. It’s as simple as that.

Leasing also takes you off the leash when it comes to furnishing your business with the equipment it actually needs rather than budgetary requirements swaying you towards less preferred options.

2.Sunny budget forecasts

Capital leasing with Zerographic is measured with Einsteinian accuracy. Know what you’ll spend and when you’ll spend it. Then integrate these costs into your budget for the year ahead and free up cash for other valuable business missions.

3.Watch the cash flow

An outright purchase requires the upfront sinking of capital into assets. As these depreciate in value, so will your investment. Leasing forgoes these short-term costs and long term losses. Your VAT cash also flows freer as it is paid steadily over the term of the lease and not all upfront.

4.Relief from tax

Capital lease payments are 100% tax deductible. It’s no surprise then that many organisations see leasing as a highly efficient financial strategy.

5.Upgrading existing equipment

A new model comes out. Your heart slumps. The new model offers features which would make a genuine difference to your burgeoning print bottomline. With capital leasing, you can upgrade at any time. Respond to business needs by staying ahead of the technological curve.


There is no burden of ownership. As such, clear your mind of the associated disposal problems or, in some cases, the outstanding written down value to account for.

Ready to get off the leash?

Got a question? Ask away. We all know what ‘time’ is so your dedicated print consultant will contact you as soon as possible

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Zeroing in on capital leasing:

  • Enables you to upgrade as and when you need
  • Offers greater tax benefits than outright ownership
  • Means large amounts of money isn’t tied up in equipment which requires ongoing maintenance and repair

Leasing packages are developed to support the acquisition of hand-picked devices designed to reduce your print costs and enhance workplace productivity

-Zerographic Managing Director, Kevin Corbett

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