XMpie print

XMpie print

Change is afoot in the professional print sector. Customers are demanding shorter run lengths, higher volumes, faster turnaround, more personalisation, better quality, colour consistency and lower costs.

These are the issues. Powering your professional printer with XMpie is the solution. Greater personalisation and better growth is the outcome.

XMpie Variable Data Print

XMpie Variable Data Print is an automator of personalised printed communications. It enables you to tailor collateral to individual recipients. Doing so boosts response rates. Readers are, after all, more receptive to materials addressed to them.

XMpie powers printers with the dynamic ability of personalisation. Expand your service offering then expand your bottom line.

XMpie Web to Print

Bring variable data printing to your online shop. How, you ask. With XMpie Web to Print. You can then feed customer demand with everything from static documents, personalising print to customising email blasts.

Place the power of personalisation in the hands of customers. The end result? An expanded service offering delivered via simplified print ordering processes.

XMpie Cross Media Marketing

XMpie enables targeted cross media marketing campaigns. Reach your customers. Then build personal relationships with them. Communicate with buyers across multiple channels. And, when the time comes, transform that relationship into a more loyal and strategic one.

Ready to make it personal?

Got a question? Ask away. We all know what ‘time’ is so your dedicated print consultant will contact you as soon as possible

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Zeroing in on XMpie:

  • Save money and time through automation
  • Enable personalisation of collateral across all media
  • Enhanced service offering
  • Increased production rates
  • Watch customers go ‘wow’
  • Stimulate business growth

Print off creative, innovative jobs which are infused with the personal touch.

-Zerographic Production Print Specialist, Andy Rabone

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