Xerox continuous feed colour printers

Xerox continuous feed colour printers

Feed your customers’ appetite for large scale printing. Xerox continuous feed colour printers from Zerographic enable you to meet this demand. The end result? An increased service offering which satisfies customers and bottom lines.

The Zerographic range of Xerox Continuous feed colour printers include:

Large scale printing demand

Demand for large scale and outdoor collateral is growing as organisations look to capture the attentions of buyers. Xerox is at the forefront of this evolution.

The company recently invested in Impika - the French-based inkjet print technology company. As a Xerox Premier Partner, this means we also offer:

Ready to print off better returns?

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What will Zerographic bring to my business?

  • Over 25 years’ experience working with production print
  • A portfolio of Xerox products designed around the operational needs of professional printers
  • Highly competitive leasing rates
  • A strategy-led approach to customise solutions around your business goals and customer needs
  • Support from our regional support specialists
  • Access to Xerox’s analytical services and fleet of onsite engineers

60% of print managers see the automation of print production workflow as a key priority.

-Info Trends

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