EFI Fiery digital print servers

EFI Fiery digital print servers

Amazing automation and consistently brilliant output. This is what you get when we integrate EFI Fiery Digital Print Servers into your print environment.

Doing so ensures your business gets the most from its printers. It also expands and perfects the service you offer to customers.

EFI Fiery digital print servers:

  • Deliver professional colour and consistency
  • Radically reduce setup times, errors and expensive reprints
  • Provide high return on investment
  • Are flexible and scalable to your businesses’ needs
  • Are open-platform to allow integration into any print environments
  • Support variable data printing for the personal touch

EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite

There’s no painting by numbers with EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite. The integrated colour management tools superpower your printers. The end result?

Guaranteed colour reproduction that is accurate, consistent and reliable.

Ready to fire up your print engines?

Got a question? Ask away. We all know what ‘time’ is so your dedicated print consultant will contact you as soon as possible

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Zeroing in on EFI Color Profiler:

  • Amazing, precise, consistent colour
  • Create, visualise and edit ICC colour profiles with complete control
  • Maximise profits by reducing rework using in-house colour profiling and verification tools
  • Easy to use interface and interactive online training courses take the curve out of learning

60% of print managers see the automation of print production workflow as a key priority.

-Info Trends

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