Will a Xerox cartridge work in my non-Xerox printer?

Thinking about putting a Xerox Replacement Cartridge inside a non-Xerox print? Okay, if you are, it’s a fair bet that you’ve got a few questions. “Will it work?” some ask. “Will it break my printer or invalidate my warranty?” others query.

These questions rolling from the tongues of business are legitimate. As reality would have it though, Xerox alternative cartridges work in over 700 models of printers, delivering additional savings, quality, performance and reliability.

Xerox cartridges are engineered to fit like a glove in a range of printers including HP, Brother, Lexmark, Kyocera, OKI, Canon, Epson, IBM–InfoPrint and Panasonic.

Will a Xerox cartridge break my non-Xerox printer?

Xerox cartridges fit inside your printer like a bird in a cage. It is the only solution on the market which strives towards ‘worry-free’ printing. Even so, all great superheroes have their kryptonite and should anything go wrong Xerox will act swiftly to put it right via three steps:

  • Customers are provided with a Xerox hotline number for any and all of their queries
  • Free replacement of defective cartridges
  • Complete reimbursement in the event of printer damage

Will a Xerox cartridge invalidate my printer warranty?

The quick answer is no. In fact, there’s zero risk. This is because:

  • Using a Xerox replacement cartridge does not invalidate the printer warranty
  • If a Xerox replacement cartridge is responsible for any printer damage, the company will pay your repair cost

Fuelling any major brand of printer with Xerox Replacement Cartridges cuts costs by 25%. This is why we supply the Xerox alternative in favour of your printer’s original equipment manufacturer cartridge.

Got a question?

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Zeroing in on Xerox Replacement Cartridges

  • Engineered to work in printers including HP, Brother, Lexmark, Kyocera, OKI, Canon, Epson, IBM–InfoPrint and Panasonic
  • Up to 25% cost savings compared to OEM brand cartridges
  • Page yields equal to or significantly better than the listed OEM yields
  • Lower cost per page on all Xerox cartridges compared to the listed OEMs
  • A reduction in waste and carbon footprints

Did you know, 73% of businesses want to reduce consumable costs? Xerox Replacement Cartridges deliver huge cost reductions

-Richard Taylor, Weston-Super-Mare Regional Branch Mgr

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