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The professional print sector is changing. Your customers are demanding shorter run lengths, higher volumes, faster turnaround, more personalisation, better quality, colour consistency and lower costs.

These are the issues. High-speed, print-on-demand production printers with advanced capabilities are the solution. Better growth is the outcome.

Find the right equipment for your needs:

Zerographic image of Xerox Versant 2100 Press

Xerox™ Versant™ 2100 Press

  • Manufacturer: Xerox
  • Colour: Colour & Mono Printing
  • Standard Speed: 100 ppm
  • Standard Paper capacity: 5650 sheets
  • Maximum Paper capacity: 5900 sheets

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Zerographic image of Xerox Versant 80 Press

Xerox™ Versant™ 80 Press

  • Manufacturer: Xerox
  • Colour: Colour & Mono Printing
  • Standard Speed: 80 ppm
  • Standard Paper capacity: 1900 sheets
  • Maximum Paper capacity: 9900 sheets

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Buy on-demand or automate your supplies replenishment. We’ll sort out your consumables care package right now.

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Got a question?

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What will Zerographic bring to my business?

  • Grow your business with more relevant, personalised marketing
  • Access portfolio of Xerox products designed around the operational needs of professional printers
  • Highly competitive leasing rates
  • A strategy-led approach to customise solutions around your business goals and customer needs
  • Support from our regional support specialists
  • Access to Xerox’s analytical services and fleet of onsite engineers

60% of print managers see the automation of print production workflow as a key priority.

-Info Trends

How can my business print off better returns?

Your free professional print guide tells you how

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