EZ Print

Does your business print? Most do. Most are also populated with printers from several manufacturers. Sound like your office? If this is the case, when they break down or run out of toner - as they so often do - a hunt commences to find the phone number of the responsible supplier.

This ratchets up device downtime and business costs. Workplace productivity is also affected, drying up faster than your toner supplies.

EZ Print makes print kind of, well, easy. How, you ask? By monitoring, managing and maintaining all aspects of your existing printer fleet.

Doing so means you don't have to invest huge amounts of money swapping problem printers, copiers and multifunction devices with new devices.

We take what you’ve got and make it better - loads better, in fact.

Making office print EZ

Secure Xerox software tools are installed onto your network. With the power of a crystal ball, we can remotely see all your devices in one place. It doesn’t matter what brand or how old they are.

EZ Print means we communicate with them remotely. How are they performing? Is there a problem? Are you low on toner? The team of analysts monitoring your network 24/7 will answer these questions with decisive solutions.

Why should I choose EZ Print?

EZ Print is akin to a managed print service for existing devices.

  • It generates savings of up to 30% a year on the price of print
  • Manages all your printers for consumables, servicings, parts and labour
  • Automatically delivers supplies to your door before you run out
  • Dispatches an engineer if a problem is detected
  • Means one contact, one telephone number and one quarterly bill
  • Consolidates everything into one supplier for all your printer management needs

And, with an all-inclusive click charge per page of print which covers all our services, you can measurably budget, based on your expected print volumes.

EZ installation

Making the change to EZ Print is simple. There’s zero downtime and installation is free of charge. You don't need to do anything. Stay focused on business critical tasks whilst we take care of print.

Ready to make print EZ?

Got a question? Ask away. We all know what ‘time’ is.

Contact Usor call us on 01785 711800

Zeroing in on EZ Print:

  • Save up to 30% per annum
  • No capital investment needed
  • Never run out of consumables again
  • Proactive service management and engineer call-outs
  • Reduce waste
  • Only one invoice delivered quarterly
  • One point of contact support by a dedicated help desk
  • Free up valuable IT support time
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Intelligent software measures your print performance

Internal printing is one of the least controlled business expenditures with independent studies showing an average spend of £554 per employee, per annum.


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