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    How Managed Print Services (MPS) Are Good for Your Business

    Ria Green May 10 , 2017

    Though most businesses have already computerised many of their regular tasks and rely on their digital programs to streamline operations and reduce costs, there are aspects of their day-to-day processes that still require “traditional” documentation. Contracts, receipts, important reports to be reviewed, new policies, marketing paraphernalia and many others – all these need to be in a tangible format.

    Since it’s highly unlikely that these essential components of operations will be moving away from print, it’s crucial for businesses to have printing solutions that will produce documents in clear quality, but also yield other benefits.

    Printing solutions are not just a matter of buying high-tech printers. There are other factors to consider in ensuring the equipment are a complete asset to the business. It’s for this reason that the smartest route in acquiring printing solutions is by turning to print management service providers. By engaging a professional service, companies can secure additional advantages from their printing solutions, aside from quality prints.

    Print management services have an established system for assessing a clients’ complete set of needs in order to match them with the best performing printing equipment and setup. Our services look into cost-based drivers, governance issues, location-based challenges, and strategic process and market considerations. We study all these variables, and the features and functionalities of the print solutions we have in our line-up of provisions.

    Through this assessment system, companies that print documents and other materials everyday learn how much they are actually spending on their “printing” and what aspects of their process are contributing to the amount of money they spend.

    Our print management services are able to point out inefficient printing processes and explain the negative impact of using the wrong printing equipment. As a result, your business can reduce unnecessary costs due to duplicate or multiple printing, avoid productivity loss due to the amount of time consumed by printing, eliminate waste of supplies and resources, and cut energy consumption, among others.

    How Managed Print Services (MPS) Are Good for Your Business

    • Positive image for the business
    • Increased productivity
    • Reduction in operational expenses
    • Improved relations with customers through better services
    • Stronger relations with partners because of higher productivity and profitability
    • Smoother workflow; less stress for employees
    • Energy efficiency – lower carbon footprint
    • Elevation of work output quality
    • Long-lasting equipment
    • Increased commercial opportunities – there are print solutions beyond printing (i.e. some can even translate documents in over 22 languages), allowing businesses to expand their target audience, partnerships, and most importantly, their service menu.

    In securing all these benefits, it’s important to recognise that not all MPS providers are the same. In this industry, there definitely are those that demonstrate higher standards and deliver better results.

    As one of the leading MPS providers in Europe, we give clients our full attention to ensure that we have an in-depth understanding of the clients’ business as a whole, and identify how software and solutions can enhance and streamline processes in the long term. Likewise, we work closely with vendors of the equipment we provide clients so they are consistent in creating the perfect demand and supply match.

    We don’t stop with those; we also do not tire in educating our service teams in order to develop skills that accurately target long-term customer goals or requirements. Our ongoing education includes obtaining certification and proper orientation with the vast array of print solutions available on the market (especially now that there’s a fast turnover of equipment as technology quickly develops new features, functionalities and designs), understanding business models as well as proper customer care. It’s our commitment to make sure every member of our service teams is capable of providing MPS.

    For more information, call us now and we will explain how Managed Print Services can help your business.

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