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    How a Multifunction Printer Helps You Save More Money

    Ria Green May 03 , 2017

    The theory about the digital age killing print media, since everything can already be done online these days, is far from being real. No matter what anyone says, the precision and reliability of ink and paper can never be replaced.

    As such, the majority of companies make it a point to make use of the highest quality machines to print their files. They want to make sure that their documents are of top quality because such materials are often used by others as a measurement of the credibility of the organisation.

    Just because an exceptional printer, photocopy machine, scanner, and fax machine are must-have pieces of equipment within the workplace of a company, it does not mean that price and performance should be compromised.

    As a matter of fact, this is why we often recommend multifunction printers, which offers more functions than the usual printer — and it’s something that every company could benefit from having.

    Aside from the fact it is one of the latest and most efficient tools in the print industry, it also offers the following benefits:

    It cuts the budget for company equipment

    Instead of spending on separate scanners, photocopy machines, printers, and fax machines, one can simply use the company’s budget toward other more important expenditures. Get a multifunction printer and all the above machines can be taken out of the to-buy list. This will lead to multiple savings, considering each machine costs money. Not only do companies spend on the multiple machines when they do not use a multifunction printer, but they are also purchasing ink cartridges every time the devices run out, which for multiple pieces of equipment soon mounts up.

    It maximises the space in an office

    Having several different printing and scanning devices in a small office can affect the productivity of the company. A cluttered space, for instance, causes heat to accumulate, and too much heat affects and creates an uneasy feeling among employees. When employees cannot concentrate, they tend to perform and produce less.

    Having a multifunction printer in the office is also better than using mulitple machines because it only requires the user to head to one location in the office and use only one piece of equipment for their printing needs. When several devices take up too much space in specific rooms, or in some case are located in different parts of the building, employees have to walk from machine to machine, which consumes more time.

    It reduces energy consumption

    Anyone can do the math. Five different machines functioning all at the same time versus one multifunction printer — energy is significantly decreased when you use only one multifunctional item, and more money can be saved by the company. In addition, there is usually a built-in energy-saver mode in a multifunction printer that enables it to use less energy while operating.

    Above are just some of the most important advantages of having a multifunction printer. To find out more, contact our team here at Zerographic, we are a professional printing service provider and can offer you a print audit to find the perfect printer for your needs.

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