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    6 Ways We Go the Extra Mile with Customer Service

    Ria Green Apr 12 , 2017

    Here at Zerographic, we are proud about a lot of things — from the skill and experience of our team members, to providing efficient printing solutions to organisations big and small, to being Xerox's leading European partner and being named Xerox's concessionaire of the year.

    But if there is one area that we truly believe that we stand out in, that would be our exceptional customer support.

    We at Zerographic believe that our relationship with our clients does not end when a machine has been installed. No, it doesn't stop there. We firmly believe in developing lasting relationships with each and every client.

    That is why 80 percent of Zerographic's current customers have been with us since the very beginning.

    How do we do this? Here are the 6 ways we go the extra mile with customer service.

    Aftercare service

    When your printer breaks down, workplace productivity can quickly go out the window.

    Here at Zerographic, we believe that bringing predictability to printer problems through proactive monitoring of client printer fleet can prevent a minor issue from spiraling out of control.

    Any issues that arise from your devices will be immediately flagged at our headquarters before they become unmanageable. We have a highly responsive national engineer support team ready for dispatch within four hour, that’s if your problem is not resolved via our dedicated support line.

    Meter readings

    Meter readings is an effective way to monitor and track your office's monthly usage, allowing you to gain insight of your staff's printing needs as well as enable you to track expenses. However, we understand that reading meters can be a time-consuming, especially when you’ve got there are many other business related tasks competing for your time.

    This is why we offer our existing clients meter reading services for their convenience.

    Follow up appointments

    A health check-up of your printer fleet can provide invaluable insight into your office's document processes. Furthermore, the right prescription can help you reduce costs by as much as 35 percent annually.

    We've made things easier for you with our online booking system. If you have a question about any of Zerographic's products or services or other relevant matters, all you have to do is to visit our website and book a follow up appointment. Your dedicated print consultant will then get back to you at the soonest possible time.

    Maximising efficiencies

    Before suggesting a solution for your company needs, we take the time to talk to you and tailor a print management strategy. We believe that a good strategy can be made even better by seeking out opportunities for improvements which can maximise both productivity and cost savings.

    Personal service

    Whether one printer is acting up, or if you are looking for ways to reduce costs, or if you need help in change management, a dedicated print consultant and a team of support engineers are on standby to help remedy the problem at hand with personalised service.

    This allows you to focus on handling your business and to use precious resources on things that truly matter to you.

    Customer experience

    Zerographic's mission is anchored on a planned four-phase strategy: think, plan, perform, and manage.

    At each phase, our team brings keen attention to the details that matter to your company's needs. This allows us not only to bring strategies and solutions that work; more importantly, it enables us to build lasting relationships.

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