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    5 Steps to Choosing Your Perfect Printer Supplier

    Ria Green Apr 05 , 2017

    5 Steps to Choosing Your Perfect Printer Supplier

    Research reveals that a considerable number of growing companies are guilty of wasting a significant amount of money through inefficient processes and the continued use of outdated design printers. These businesses overlook the important fact that a little tweak in their daily operations by upgrading their printing equipment can do so much in reducing day-to-day expenses, streamlining workflow, and even reducing their carbon footprint.

    If you want to streamline your business’s print, copy and document workflow operations, clearly, the smart way to do so is by choosing more efficient printers for the job. You want to dedicate time to fully understanding these aspects of your daily work processes, identify how new printers on the market can address shortcomings, and support the standards which you uphold.

    Choosing the right printing equipment for your business can be a headache, so instead of going at this task on your own, it’s smarter to work with a managed print services provider. There currently are many of such providers in the country so how do you choose from all of them? We have provided below an easy guide for you to follow.

    Here are the 5 steps to choosing your perfect printer supplier:

    Step 1

    Check out their full range of printing equipment. If you’re elevating your printing process, you want to make sure that you have a vast selection of printers to choose from based on your identified needs or requirements.

    Step 2

    Conduct a background check on the supplier’s clientele and compare the operations of the different clients. How varied the clientele indicates the broad range of services the supplier can effectively provide, or their specialties if any.

    Step 3

    Have a consultation with the suppliers you’re gravitating toward and compare how they understand your operations and its needs. Likewise, evaluate the solutions they come up with for you. Observe their display of knowledge and expertise to tell which suppliers are merely performing sales talk and those that are truly solving the issues you have with the print “infrastructure” of your business.

    Step 4

    Find out how far is the reach of their services. As a growing enterprise, you may end up opening branches in other locations or expanding your operations. It’s best to have printer suppliers that can service your branches as well so you’re able to have consistent quality operations.

    Step 5

    Do the math for services and also make sure they can provide support whenever you need them. You don’t want printing expenses to throw your operational budget off-balance. Likewise, you want to make sure that should you ever need help with the printing equipment – be it for something small such as how to operate a particular feature or for immediate and time sensitive repairs – your chosen printer supplier ready to provide assistance and special service.

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