Managed print for financial services


Those who work in financial services know - all too well, in fact - that things get even more complicated when the print, copy and document infrastructure of an organisation is unmanaged.

Print is an investment every financial service needs. Yet multiple in-house departments are often left to juggle printer management, maintenance and procurement matters.

The absence of central print management means:

  • The paper pile builds up as productivity slows
  • Toner, maintenance, security and quality issues affect output
  • Costs eat away between 2% to 15% of annual revenue

Sound familiar? These are realities we’ve witnessed firsthand at Zerographic during our many years of working with organisations in the financial services sector.

Investing in managed print

Cost, reliability and security sit atop the printer requirement foodchain in the financial services sector. Take security, for instance. Your company handles sensitive data day in, day out.

But just how secure are your document systems? We’ll tell you by way of an audit. Strategically selected security software can then be integrated into your print devices. This means that when sensitive documents are sent to print, they aren’t released until the sender arrives at the machine.

Risk aversion to colour costs

Printing off lengthy documents in the financial services sector is as common as buses are to public transport. Even so, do all your financial reports and internal comms need to roll off the press lacquered in expensive colour?

No. Not always. Managed print, of course, isn’t always black and white. As in life, there’s shades of greys and colour too. We manage your high volume output so that each print job you produce is rendered in the quality that the job actually demands.

Got a question?

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Zeroing in on the facts:

  • Document security is a top 6 issue for business
  • Up to 3% of an organisation’s revenues are spent on print
  • IT staff spend up to 20% of their time on print-related issues
  • Managed print can generate yearly savings of 35%
  • Automated toner replacement means the ink will never dry up

Software such as Xerox Secure Print means peace of mind comes as standard whether you are a company with 10,000 costly multifunctional devices or a company with a handful of smaller machines.

-Zerographic Head of Office, Mike Sandell

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