Our story

Flashback to 1990. Zerographic was but a seed of an idea in the mind of now CEO and managing director, Kevin Corbett. With the passing of autumn and the arrival of spring, Zerographic was born in 1991.

The company’s roots spread far and wide over the proceeding two decades - flourishing services and growing in-house capacity turning the business into a leading UK player in the professional print market.

Then came the acquisition of all acquisitions: Zerographic became a Xerox Premier Partner. This was the fuel in the engine of the company, driving forward an expansion in the key service areas of:

 Zeroing on growth

“Zerographic’s reach is the biggest in the UK,” says Xerox’s UK director, Norman Richardson, alluding to the sustainable growth experienced by the company since its inception.

“ Their network of local branches,” he adds, “enables Xerox to extend its value in the shape of products, solutions and managed services to organisations across all sectors in the UK.”

Independently owned, the tight-knit team is forever growing, new skills and personalities parachuting into the company’s UK based branches. The mission is to help organisations optimise their document setups, the pathway to getting there signposted with a set of shared ethics:

  • Every customer is unique so every product, service and solution should be tailored to the specifics of that uniqueness
  • Give everybody the same level of service whether they are a start-up, small to medium sized business or a branded multinational
  • Understand the customer in order to understand what solutions will generate them the best return on investment
  • A happy customer is a customer who will return and spread the word
  • Time is precious so respond with haste
  • Keep the customer ahead of the curve by staying ahead of the curve ourselves
  • Provide quality print solutions that reduce carbon footprints without compromising quality or results
  • Perfection might be a fallacy, but excellence is a must. So we always strive to be better for the customer

The Zerographic experience

Like any great story, Zerographic’s is still being written. The proceeding chapters are set to be full of more tales of business growth, service expansion and customers reaping the benefits by way of optimised document set ups.

Ready to start your mission?

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Call us on 01785 711800.

Zeroing in on our partners

  • Xerox’s leading European partner
  • 27+ years spent helping organisations print more for less
  • 80% of customers have been with us since our inception
  • A manager of printer fleets from one to a 1000 plus devices
  • Xerox’s concessionaire of the year

The dream was born out of a genuine frustration for problematic printers

stealing valuable time and monies from businesses on a daily basis. The

solution was Zerographic, an antidote to such problems.

-Zerographic Managing Director, Kevin Corbett

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