Secure printing

Secure printing

Security. We all want it, not all of us have it. Whether you’re a small or a large organisation, document security stands front and centre as a top priority.

And rightly so. Keeping digital and printed information safe shields businesses and their customers from risk. How, you ask? By integrating Xerox Secure Print into your network. Doing so controls the flow and timing of your documents.

The affordable solution optimises your infrastructure. It removes the worry from print. No longer will confidential documents be left in the output tray for all eyes to see or hands to take. And no longer will you need to employ bouncers to stand guard at your printers, protecting the sensitive information they fire out.

Xerox Secure Print

With Xerox Secure Print, peace of mind comes as standard. This is so whether you have 1,000 costly multifunctional devices or just a handful of smaller machines.

All you have to do is access Secure Print through your print driver. Then, when a staff member sends a document to your networked device, it won’t print out until you enter a unique PIN number to release the job at the machine.

Ready to make your documents secure?

Have a question about Xerox Secure Print or our other security solutions? Ask away. Your dedicated print consultant will contact you as soon as possible

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Xerox Secure Print in 5 steps:

  • Select the file you want to print from your desktop
  • Pick your preferred printer
  • Select Secure Print in your printer properties then enter your personal security code
  • Press ok and then send the job to print
  • Glide over to the machine, select your job from the touch screen then release it by thumping in your code

Ensuring document security is a top 5 challenge for businesses.


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