Print and document assessment

Print and document assessment

When it comes to printing, copying, scanning and faxing, do you know how much your business actually spends? 50% of companies don’t. Many are surprised to learn that document production can account for as much as 15% of their annual spend.

Managed print puts a stop to this drain. It is the bringer of yearly cost reductions of up to 35%. How does it work, you ask. It’s simple. Exploring your existing setup is the first step. It is only by seeing the costs that we can strategise to reduce them.

This is where your free print and document assessment comes in. Get empowered and discover:

  • What volumes are being generated across your printing and copying fleet
  • How much you are spending each month or quarter on print
  • Your ratio of colour to mono print
  • Which departments or users generate the most print
  • Which printers are getting the most use
  • Paper, ink, toner and other supplies and consumables usage

Measurable insights bubble to the surface. This data is then formulated into a managed print strategy bespoke to your needs.

The end result? Gain visibility and control of printing. Then you’ll save money, boost productivity, improve document security and environmental sustainability.

Arrange your free print assessment

Want to find out how much you spend on print and, crucially, how much you can save? Great. Let’s arrange your free print and document assessment.

Contact Usor call us on 01785 711800

Zeroing in on managed print:

  • Centrally implemented print policies cut unnecessary waste
  • Reduce energy and toner consumption
  • Move from single to double-sided printing
  • Reduce costs by 35% a year
  • Boost workplace productivity

Reducing costs, understanding print usage, reducing energy consumption and enforcing company wide print policies are all top five challenges for businesses.


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