Managed print services

When the office printer goes down, workplace productivity is next to follow. Sky high costs. Toner troubles. Maintenance issues. They all put a strain on business.

What to do? Business and organisations like yours outsource the management of their printers, multifunction devices, copiers and document flows. They do this to reduce costs, bring service reliability and predictability to expenses.

At a time when in-house resources are stretched though, is cost control enough on its own? How can we increase productivity? How can we secure and simplify the sharing of documents? How can our workers print when on-the-go?

Managed print services from Zerographic is the answer. As a Xerox Premier Partner, we power print infrastructures with leading software, hardware and services.

How does managed print work?

Your business is unique. The print management strategy must therefore be tailored around this uniqueness. The outcome could look something like this:

Office setup

Managed setup

Document setup


Location, location, location. Increase security, accessibility and productivity by strategically positioning the right devices in the right location.

Monitoring the devices on your network generates accurate insights into usage and costs. Seeing the problems means we can measurably tackle them.

Paper intensive processes can be digitised and simplified. In doing so, let’s enhance security, worker collaboration and the ability to print on-the-go.


Nobody likes a problem printer - especially workers who use them day in, day out. Increase staff morale, speed up processes and reduce costs.

Managed print allows your internal IT team to focus on business critical issues rather than print issues.

Optimising document flows optimises operations and profits. And, now that you can budget, free up valuable monies to grow other key initiatives.


Rationalise your device fleet

Enhance your devices to perform tasks that will help your business

Shore up network security

Introduce centralised policies to bring real change to your business

Free up valuable space previously wasted storing consumables onsite

Reduce energy consumption

Change management to ease worker uptake

Recommend continual improvements

Manage and monitor your document network

Expose soft and hidden printing costs

Reduce printing costs by up to 35% a year

Auto dispatch of supplies before you run out

Speed things up with a single supplier and quarterly invoice for all consumables

Enforce company-wide print policies

Reduce admin time

Identify digital processes

Increase productivity through improved document workflow

Reduce device errors and downtime to enhance worker satisfaction

Make documents easily accessible and shareable

Make documents accessible anywhere, anytime

Delivers secure backups so you’ll never lose a document

Massively reduce paper waste

Enable mobile workers to print on-the-go

Put less strain on the environment

View our range of flexible managed print packages

Got a question about managing your print?

Ask away. We all know what ‘time’ is so your dedicated print consultant will contact you as soon as possible

Contact Usor call us on 01785 711800

Zeroing in on managed print

  • Printing can account for 15% of annual spend
  • Managed print reduces these costs by up to 35% a year
  • Improve productivity
  • Automate key business processes
  • Enhance document security
  • Support sustainability initiatives
  • Increase workforce mobility

It doesn't matter whether you have one or a thousand devices. It also doesn't matter what brand of printers you have. Zerographic managed print packages bring control to printing.

-Zerographic Head of Office, Mike Sandell

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