Document workflow

Document workflow

Critical documents flow through the networks of your business day in, day out. Keeping them compliant, secure and organised is a challenge.

Every business transaction, after all, generates a new document. As a result, you can quickly run up against document storage issues, productivity problems and needlessly high printing costs.

So, with the paper pile at skyscraper proportions, what’s the answer? Increasing numbers of businesses look towards replacing inefficient paper-based files with an automated stream of documents. They do this to make key pieces of information:

  • Centralised and easily locatable
  • Accessible at the touch of a button to the right users
  • Safe, secure and shareable

The end result? A thriving business environment fuelled by increased document efficiencies and reduced costs.

Applications create document efficiencies

The first rule of digital document management is to get a handle on things. We do this as part of a free assessment. This involves locating and capturing all documents.

Whether they are in physical paper or digital format, let’s tease these documents from the shadows. And, in doing so, we ask:

  • How can we capture, produce, manage, control, dispatch and store your documents?
  • What document management software and hardware solutions will cultivate a more effective way of working?

Find out more about some of the tools we use:

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Zeroing in on document workflow:

  • Reduces printing costs by up to 30%
  • Allows documents to be stored securely
  • Makes documents accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Delivers secure backups so you’ll never lose a document

Did you know 75% of print costs are related to document management?

-Richard Taylor, Weston-Super-Mare Regional Branch Mgr

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