Xerox ColorQube Solid Ink

Toner troubles? Need we say more? Toner costs a pretty penny, runs out too quickly and takes up valuable storage space in your office. Xerox ColorQube Solid Ink technology changes things - for the better.

Solid ink technology utilises solid ink sticks in favour of fluid ink and toner powder. Why is this important to my business, you ask.

Well, as a Xerox Premier Partner, we harness ColorQube Solid Ink technology to help customers streamline print management, massively reduce waste and forgo productivity issues associated with traditional toners.

And, when they use less colour, they pay less. As such, our customers achieve daily savings of up to 70% on colour pages. Sounds good?

Hybrid Colour Plan

The Hybrid Colour Plan is a simple form of metered billing which classifies documents based on the exact amount of colour used. As such, your company will no longer pay full-colour prices for low-colour documents.

Colour analyser

Let’s get down to brass tacks. How much will ColorQube cost your business - or, more accurately, how much will it save? You can find out right now with Xerox’s free colour analyser.

Simply upload a typical document and the tool will tell you how much it would cost to print with ColorQube Solid Ink.

Calculate your costs

The green giant

Waste from colour laser printing technology leaves an ink blot on the environment. Solid Ink, on the other hand, generates up to 90% less printing waste. How can this be?

Because there are no cartridges to dispose of and less packaging to add to landfills - it’s a simple case of cause and effect. In fact, every inch of the product, including packaging, is recycled.

Ready to rethink the way you ink?

Got a question? Ask away. We all know what ‘time’ is so your dedicated print consultant contact you as soon as possible

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Zeroing in on Xerox Solid Ink:

  • Consistent print quality page after page
  • Easier to use and mess free
  • No cartridges means less waste and packaging to dispose of
  • Lower running costs compared with colour laser printing
  • No paper curling or wrinkling

Xerox Solid Ink marks a tectonic shift in the printing culture and is of huge importance to employers, employees and the environment alike.

-Richard Taylor, Weston-Super-Mare Regional Branch Mgr

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