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Sensitive data is printed off by businesses small and large everyday. All too often, jobs roll off the printer before the user gets to the machine. In other cases, it is forgotten, confidential information left at the machine for all to see.

With FollowMe Print, this needn’t be the case. The software, which seamlessly integrates into your infrastructure, keeps print jobs secure and reduces waste.

How does it work? Users print to a shared print queue. They then select to print from any enabled output device. If one printer is out of service, they can simply choose to release their print jobs from the next available printer.

This way productivity remains undisturbed.

Assistants can also be delegated with admin rights to print securely on behalf of their managers.

Ready to start your mission?

Ask away. We all know what ‘time’ is so your dedicated print consultant will get back to you as soon as possible.

Call us on 01785 711800.

Zeroing in on managed print:

  • Print securely from any location
  • Protect document confidentiality
  • Print from any computer or mobile phone
  • No print drivers to configure on the PC or lap top

Document security is a top 6 issue for business.

-Quocirca 2014

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