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Critical documents flow through the networks of your business day in, day out. Keeping them compliant, secure and organised is a challenge.

DocuWare document management software integrates into your systems. We do this to transform your business into a heavyweight document champion.

The technology automatically processes any type of document. This helps you meet compliance requirements. It then imports them, classifies them, adds a fulltext index and makes them available for onward processing.

Document greater organisation

With the paper pile at skyscraper proportions, the first rule of digital document management is to get a handle on things. This involves locating and capturing all documents. Whether they are in physical paper or digital format, tease these documents from the shadows.

Document greater transparency

Ready or not, here we come. Now we can see your critical documents, time to organise them into a central depository system. From hereon, when you need a document, you’ll know exactly where it is.

This drives efficiency gains across all sectors of your organisation.

Document greater collaboration

Securely open your centralised document system to key members of staff. DocuWare empowers employees with the ability to quickly source, read, share and modify the a document.

Document greater consistency

DocuWare takes account of your surrounding IT infrastructure. It - rather smartly - integrates your new document system into existing applications such as email, accounting, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management platforms.

Ready to put the ebb and flow into your documents?

Got a question? Ask away. We all know what ‘time’ is so your dedicated print consultant will contact you as soon as possible

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Managing document workflow:

  • Streamlines your business and processes
  • Reduces printing costs by up to 30%
  • Allows documents to be stored securely
  • Makes documents accessible anywhere, anytime

DocuWare improves operations at every level of our customers organisation.

-Richard Taylor, Weston-Super-Mare Regional Branch Mgr

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